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102. Griffin
Griffin are: Bastian Wetting 24, guitar/vocals, Niles Van den Berg 24, drums, and Marc Van der Meer 23, bass. All come from Noordwijk, Zuid Holland, and are already making a big impression on the Dutch rock pop market. The teaming of these partners in Rhyme resulted in a team that stimulates each other in their enthusiasm, creativity, and their search for the maximum in their musical possibilities.

After also winning a Dutch music competition 'Bollenstreekprijs' (1998), Griffin were featured in many tv spots (TVWest) and recieved much video airplay for the fantastic track ' Nothing to die for' (demo version) climbing into the top 10 airplay charts alongside Anouk and Kane, two of Hollands most successful acts.

Due to the success of the previous events Griffin found themselves in a busy period gigging to thrilled audiences. They were headlining their own shows as well as support act for bands such as BOO!(SA), Danko Jones(CAN), Millionaire(BE), and Sugarcult(USA).

All members are involved now fully in writing. Young they may be, inexperienced, they most definately are not.

They finished their debut album in 2004, which was from their own initiative, and worked alongside one of Hollands producer, Dick Kemper, who was responsible for records by such Dutch acts as Intwine and Vanderberg. Later this year 2006 there will be a release of the new music video 'Nothing to die for' so please come back and check it out!!!