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URL: www.trenchcoat.nl
EMAIL: trenchmusic@gmail.com


119. Trenchcoat
TrenchcoaT is known as one of the most exciting bands at this time. They have the full package: bitchin' show, band members dressed in style, crazy-town on stage, but above all a set of swingin' songs!
After a year of playing together, record companies started to show an interest in the band. The band decided to choose for the international label Rockhouse Records, where they released their first album 'Rolling In Style'. At the same time the band started to appear on various compilation albums.
TrenchcoaT is famous for its energizing and charismatic live-show. Expect groovy solos and swingin' songs where the whole crowd goes wild on. And watch out: they will hit you so hard that you finally understand the meaning of Rock & Roll!!
TrenchcoaT is:

Martijn Baak - Lead Vocals
Pascal de Haan - Rhythm/Solo Guitar
Jelle van den Bogaard - Upright Bass
Tobias Duin - Piano/Vocals
Gijs Pannebakker - Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Gido Tervooren - Trumpet/Vocals
Jaap van der Meer - Tenor Saxophone