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126. H.o.t.t.
H.O.T.T. - High on TestosTerone answered to the wishes of many who longed for a return to the heydays of rock'n roll, when they decided to bring back glam and glitter into live music. Inspired by Kiss, Judas Priest, Ratt, Motley Crue and other 80's masculine hair metal bands, the five young gods followed into the foot steps of these legendary bands. Wearing make up and dressed to kill in black leather, leopard print spandex and net stockings, H.O.T.T. has put together an impresssive live show that will blow you away.

Now two years later H.O.T.T. has taken it's rightful place in history of rock music and is seen by many as one of Holland's most energetic and surprising live acts. Over the last year H.O.T.T. has played many crazy kick ass shows, for example in Nom & Wow (Rotterdam), Nighttown (Rotterdam), Waterfront (Rotterdam), Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam),'t Paard van Troje (Den Haag), Rotown (Rotterdam), Club Filth (Amsterdam) and Paradiso (Amsterdam). In this process they have left behind a trail of destruction and decadence, that can be added to their already growing reputation as the undisputed champions of bad taste.

High on TestosTerone is: Rich E. Lush (vocals), K.C. Skullfucker (guitar), Stan Lee Fire (bass) and Micky O.D. Kissability (drums). Mothers keep your daughters in tonight, cuz we are High on TestosTerone, the allmighty warriors that go from conquest to conquest leaving fire in their wake!