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URL: myspace.com/dailyfire
EMAIL: dailyfire@hotmail.com


132. Daily Fire
Although bummed out by its jaded adolescence and lack of expressed anger Leiden always had their small but devoted music underground that revolves around a small clique to bring some urban noise. Unable to neglect, mainly because of their deviant stance and music, is Daily Fire. This group of 5 friends is an old familiar face within the city of sororities and has played and organized numerous shows in order to keep their scene alive. Throughout the years they evolved their straight-up punkrock to a more droned-out sludge and shifted their focus on heaviness and atmosphere. Their eccentric view on music found its influences from abrasive punkrock to doom, from metal to rock and offers the listener something new.
In December of 2005 they recorded two songs at Studio 195 for a split 10� with ex-Stockholm Syndrome/Against Time/Coffin Kids band Otis. This record was released in June of 2006 on Black Death Records (www.rockendale.nl).
Our previous release was a very-limited-which-sold-out-immediately-three-and-a-half-inch floppy disk, including a Kru$h song and a Daily Fire song on mp3.
Now enforced by a second guitarplayer their main ambition is to play as much as possible.

ISIS, Neurosis, Refused, Black Sabbath, ZAO.

The people:
Arjan Sapei: Vocals
Arjan Zuijderduijn: Guitars
Stephan Koster: Guitars
Daan Overduin: Bass
Jan van der Plas: Drums