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URL: www.drive-by-vendettas.nl


142. The Drive By Vendettas
In fall 2004 guitarist Johnny Vendetta meets drummer Spike (Godss of Thunder, ex-Artvist, ex-Vulva, ex-
Awesome Dudes). It seems that these two bastards share the same musical interests ............... 'the Drive
By Vendettas' are born! Their goal is to play hard and pure Punk Rock 'n Roll, no compromises and straight
from the heart! A 2nd guitarist was found that same week, Marcus (ex-Cornflakes) joins the other two
fuckers. Together with almighty bass player Peter (Godss of Thunder, ex-Dessacrator) the 'musical' part of
the band is complete. Right away they start writing many songs, but a bad ass singer still isn't found. Then
JJ (ex-Attitude MF and son of all time legend and myth Willem Bieler - Q65) walks in during a rehearsal. He
takes the mic. spits out his filthy vocals and completes the band! Since then - January 2005 , The Vendettas
are finally complete, and eventhough Johnny V. left the band May 2005, they keep on writing and delivering
something the musicscene has been missing for a long fucking time, true and heavy rock and
roll/punkassmusic at its best...no compromise....no staged acts...just plain fucking' mayhem. With the
release in april 2007 of their debutalbum 'Ready To Blow ?!' recorded 100 % live, all songs are recorded in
one take in just a few hours, the Vendettas have already proven that they really do what they have said from
the start: bringing back some good, energetic punk ass heavy metal rock and roll that is 100 % TRUE.
Critics and winers alike will have a hard time labeling this one, but for The Vendettas there’s no doubt
whatsoever; this is hardcore rock and roll to the very best….Witness them live, to see what the fuss' is all
about. And better bring your earplugs, you gonna need it, bitch!