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URL: myspace.com/primalrageofficial
EMAIL: info@primalrage.nl


15. Primal Rage
In late 2001 Niek de Jongh and Jon Symons found a band called "Primal Rage". Ignoring the established nu-metal scene and taking inspiration from bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Megadeth and the like, Primal Rage is born. Guitar harmonies, ripping leads, hard riffs and clean vocals are the bands trademark. For a short time the line-up consists of Jon (vocals, guitars), Niek (drums), Stein Berkhouwer and Vincent van Kampen. Because of musical differences the latter two decide to leave the band and in early 2002 they are replaced by Rob Stegeman (guitars) and Justin van Tuyl (bass). After playing a number of gigs with Primal Rage Justin decides to leave the band in March 2003, six months later Rob makes that same decision. They are quickly replaced by Jon's brother Tim (bass, backing vocals) and Eric Liang (guitars).
Songwriting begins soon after the band is founded and demos are recorded as soon as humanly possible. Their goal is to bring their music to the masses. Starting small with gigs at local schools, pubs and bars they are awarded a spot on "het Leidse Pop & Rock Festival Springpop" and "het Galgewater Festival". Crowds respond well to the music and so do local newspapers. Working on new material every day, the band have the opportunity to participate in HMC 2004. They go on to win the final, even when forced to perform as a trio without Eric. With the band growing tighter every day, and tour dates being scheduled more and more frequently world domination seems imminent. :)