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URL: www.driftkikker.com
EMAIL: d@driftkikker.com


150. Driftkikker
Driftkikker is a project founded and lead by Daddo (audio/visual artist) since march 2005.

Daddo is a pupil of a last protege of Stephane Grapelli, Vitali Imerelli, and also known for his interactive performances at the North Sea Jazz festivals. Driftkikker started of as a studio project, when Daddo was searching for a new and fresh synthesis of jazzy and electronic expressions, this eventually led to a more intense cooperation with Ned and John, both of who worked with a line of prominent musicians on the scene, s.a. Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) and Tasha (Tasha’s world ).

First single “Your expression” was released in July 2005, this track came out with the re-mix by R.O.U.D.O.S. (renowned Greek producer). Half a year later, beginning of 2006, this cooperation evolved to a current band formation. In twining styles s.a. trip hop, ambient, latin, funk, jazz, rock, and utilizing the power of modern technology with traditional instrumentation, closest to definition of Driftkikker’s music is nu-Jazz.

By the end of June 2006 Driftkikker released the debut “Coming of the light” containing 15 tracks of unusual but pleasing blends of musical styles. This debut is being acclaimed by the reviewers as a fresh, creative, innovative, forefront of fine jazz tinted music and easy to fall in love with.

Since the release of “Coming of the light”, Driftkikker is enjoying growing inter/national attention, thus far the CD has been played on the national radio stations in Netherlands, England, France, Hungary, Indonesia and United States, it’s kicking around New York’s nightclubs, and next to that track “What” has been selected for a prestigious compilation “mixed tape” (edition 14) by Mercedes-Benz.