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URL: www.roadkillrekordz.nl/tonerl
EMAIL: tonerlow@roadkillrekordz.com


17. Tonerlow
Combining never ending songs and a loud, relentless sound with low-end heaviness, wild psychedelic trips and doomrockin' riffs, Toner Low are one of a kind to roam the green fields of Holland. Formed in Leiden in 1998 these doomstoners release a couple of promo's, play gigs in The Netherlands and Belgium with bands like Karma To Burn (USA), I$I$, Candybar Planet and Lawn, and part with two bandmembers over the years.

Originally a band with five musicians, the line-up reduces to a three-piece minimum in August 2002: Deef (bass/vocals), Daan (guitar) and Jack (drums). Late 2002 a split 7" with Fal-Tor-Voh (from Leiden, pre-Plutonium Nyborg) released. After the 7"-release both bands do a string of shows together. Toner Low is also on the Motor Rock Volume 1-compilationcd (Motorwolf Records). Summer 2003 Toner Low play an open air-festival in Germany.

In 2003/2004 gigs are played with Orange Sunshine, Astrosoniq, Plutonium Nyborg/Fal-Tor-Voh, Lahar, Desert Sons, Heavy Lord, URO (DK), Fear My Thoughts (G), Herod (USA), Sonic Litter, H21, Strychnine, The Mad L�ggers, HOTT, One Inch Man and many others. September 2004 some shows in Luxemburg and Germany are done. Toner Low release their self-titled full length debutalbum June 2005.