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URL: www.auxraus.com


191. Aux Raus
Aux Raus is an techno punk band consisting of Bastiaan Bosma and Luuk Bouwman. Their idea is simple: to mix the urgency and energy of classic punk rock with contemporary techno and gabber. Songs were written on two drum machines, a shredded guitar and an old computer resulting in a high voltage mix of punk riffage, crowd moving techno beats and pop sensibilities.

Capturing the spirit of the alcoholic dance parties and the dirt of punk shows Aux Raus know how to make a party out of a funeral. Creating a maximum impact with minimal means they became known as the enfants terribles of dance music .
Shows took place in bars, squats and seedy discothèques all over the globe: from the undergrounds of Amsterdam, Mexico City and Berlin, to the glamour of Paris and New York City, and back to the welcoming warmth of their parents’ livingrooms in Noordwijk and Oss.

In 2005 the band recorded their debut album in Mexico City called ‘This is how this works’ which is already in stores in Mexico. The album was produced by Julian Lede, aka Silverio - and Dr. Bono Bonso aka Carlos Navarette. No mames guey.

It will be released in April 2007 on Angst Recordings from Amsterdam upon which Aux Raus will be unleashed in clubs near you.