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URL: www.rensketaminiau.com
EMAIL: taminiaurenske@gmail.com


193. Renske Taminiau
Facts: Renske Taminiau is one of twins. Her sister Caat has inspired her to write. She’s a Dutch, 28-year-old, jazz-trained singer, who graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam a year ago in 2007. She almost became a doctor, (studying medicine at the university) but changed to music studies, when she found, while she was busy preparing a brain in class, that picking your brains for lyrics and songs was much more appealing than brain anatomy. After high school she enrolled in the Newcastle College of Music, which she chose because it was founded by Sting. She tried to adjust to the 'Jordy' way of life, and left England a bit less naïve after a year for Amsterdam. She writes her own lyrics and music and makes her own arrangements for the band, string quartet, horns and backing vocals. She produced and managed her own record, and is the bandleader. She loves to use her creative vision for all the areas involved with her musical art form, from developing the artwork to stage-and light design for the performances) Everything starts with the music, that fertilizes all grounds that it touches: She drew pictures for each song, made the cover and booklet so it would suit the musical atmosphere, she developed the band-performances as if she “invites the audience as guests in her living room”, therefore she’s also involved in the stage- and light design for the performances to create that special experience. She is currently working on several projects such as Wicked Jazz Sounds, an established Jazz Group that advocates dancing with a smile to funky jazz-grooves and live jazz improvisation, and Mr. Eart, a German Band from Berlin, that recorded their album in august 2006 'Facts in the Case of Mysterious Pop Murders”, and as backing vocalist for Mathilde Santing’s ‘Basement Bargains’ Tour and 'Under Your Charms' CD, and Brigitte Kaandorp's 'Als de hefst je overvalt' CD, to name a few. Her Inspiration She’s inspired by artists like Rufus Wainwright,('What amazing arrangements does he have. And beautiful melodies, and build-ups that sweep you of your feet.') Joan as Policewoman ('She’s such a cool chick, a great performer, funny and feminine and vulnerable at the same time!'), singers like Lizz Wright (Her warm sound with smoky, full-bodied texture and her dedicated way of singing is almost spiritual.) Hanne Hukkelberg ('She came out of nowhere and her album ”Little Things' is a true gift to any listener'), Lesley Feist ('Her songs are very well produced, economic and simple but yet so rich, that you feel completely satisfied') Dianne Reeves (Inspiring, the way she transforms into different personalities with each new song) and Kurt Elling (Even though he seems like an arrogant little man, you like him for his attitude and balls, and the way he cuts through the bull-shit, and is a true musician!’) Her lyrics are influenced by Joni Mitchell, philosophers like Emerson, and poets like Pablo Neruda, and Ernest Hemingway. Her Album She’s been playing with her band for two years and recorded 'Waiting to be told' this fall. The band is formed by: Floris van de Vlugt(sax), Ruben Hein(Rhodes,piano), Philipp Brämswig (guitar), Lucas Dols (double Bass), and Borislav Petrov (drums), and she recorded for the occasion with Sting Quartet (Hester van de Vlugt(1st violin), Juliëtte Hoeve (2nd Violin) Maria Sofia(alto violin), Allard Hartkamp(cello) and with horns: Morris Kliphuis (french Horn), Tini Thomsen (Bariton Saxophone) and alto violin virtuoso Benni von Gutzeit. She wrote all the material in a tiny little summerhouse of her grandparents in Stroodorp, in the middle of nowhere in Zeeland, the Dutch Countryside, next to a sheep’s-cage, and overlooking empty fields. She went there with all her instruments and recording equipment, to be on her own for weeks in the winter and early autumn of 2007, and wait for the things she wanted to say, to come, and find her own style in this quiet place, away from it all and make something pure and authentic. “The idea of escaping to the country I was enthused with was more old fashioned and kind of romantic. It was an amazing experience because I just went with whatever came out, and trusted that if I kept on working on it, and sculpting it, it would reach maturity and tell my story.” She artfully establishes the intimacy she was reaching for, while creating a work as personal as it gets. 'Waiting to be Told' is Renske’s debut CD. Waiting for the things she wanted to say from her heart, to be told by herself how her life’s education has flowed through her and comes out anew. And to quote Joan as Policewoman with her lyrics: Starting now, the wait is over. She’s ready for whatever will come her way.