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URL: myspace.com/longconversations
EMAIL: o.j.caarls@gmail.com


198. Long Conversations And The Closet Orchestra
Writing songs, on and off, since he was thirteen (among the first few: "Why am I so small", "Soup for the lonely" and "Your head looks so big when you're close to me"), Olaf started taking his music seriously almost three years (or four, could be four); drinking with his band Jalowski and performing solo stuff on an irregular basis. After being rejected by the Rockacademie, he ran into some old friends from high school, who just started their own record label, in august 2007 (ooh! almost a year, we should celebrate!). They offered to work with him without having heard a single note of his music and the collaboration resulted in a four-song demo. 2008 had more in store than he could have imagined. Jalowski disintegrated and, focusing only on his solo stuff, Olaf won the Grote Prijs van Zuid-Holland in March, started playing a sickening number of shows and almost lost his head, until he decided to take a little slower the last couple of weeks/months. But not for long! With the means presented to him by the GPZH he plans on recording A LOT this year, release dates to be determined -- the fall, probably. As for the live stuff, Olaf and companions will be competing for the Grote Prijs van Nederland (semi-finals in September), as well as playing shows around the country through the Popronde festival (more info at www.popronde.nl). So come see that! Or come to one of the open-mics or shows he plays regularly around the west of Holland.