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URL: myspace.com/adityamenon
EMAIL: dittymenon@hotmail.com


200. Aditya Menon
Born and raised in a small town near Leiden, with roots in the south of India, Aditya Menon has been an active member of the local Dutch music scene for several years. Influenced by bands as the Deftones, Vision of Disorder and Will Haven he decided to start playing bass-guitar at the age of thirteen. Together with good friends Maarten (myspace.com/katadreuffe) and Sebastian myspace.com/theofficialpartline) they successfully formed various melodic hardcore bands as Dead-end Brain and Still. Exploring the more emotional and melodic side of the musical spectrum, helped him understand that there is more good music out there than the raw guitar focused sound, he was familiar with. He really started getting into the new wave sound. Listening to bands as The Cure, The Smiths and Depeche Mode. At the age of 20 he first came in contact with electronic music. The atmosphere surrounding the illegal house parties absolutely blew him away. This eventually resulted in him buying his own dj-set up, making tons of mixtapes and spreading them across the country. After having visited & played at several parties he started getting beat fatigue and decided to take a step back from the dance scene. He started to listen to bands as Last Days of April, Death Cab for Cutie and Arab Strap, who reinvented dynamics by focusing on melody. This was the sound he was looking for! It was at that same time, he came in contact with djs / producers Nuno dos Santos and Patrice Baumel. It was the first time he actually heard djs play emotional electronic music. He instantly fell in love with this sound! Embracing that sound his dj-sets now cross all borders of music, but are always fully packed with emotion. Good music gives you goosebumps! In 2007 Aditya decided to get back in touch with his musical roots and started producing music. Receiving positive feedback by artists as Nuno Dos Santos, Patrice Baumel and the Groove Addicts encouraged him to further crystallize his sound. Now-a-days his productions can be best described as emotional soothing music. realeditorbest profile toolsrealeditorbest profile tools