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URL: www.Apehangerrawk.nl
EMAIL: Robbertt@hotmail.com


208. Apehanger
Apehanger, founded May 2006 in Roelofarendsveen, fusing the overdriven power of blues-rock with a Southern swing and a hard rock swagger. Apehanger are a hard-driving rock 'n roll band. Their music remains firmly entrenched in rock, hardrock, blues and country. For many, Apehangerís redneck image tended to obscure the songwriting skills of its leader, Lion VanZantvliet. VanZantvliet demonstrates a knack for lyrical detail and a down-to-earth honesty that has more in common with country than rock Ďn roll.
Apehangerís devine new wave of Southern Rawk is completed with the likes of Robbertt (guitar), Niels (bass) ,KK (drums) and last but not least, Sleeze (guitar).

"Northern Sounds From The South" brought to you by Apehanger!!