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URL: www.noctophyle.com
EMAIL: royzonneveld@hotmail.com


43. Noctophyle
Meet Noctophyle, a very loud punkrock band from Leiden, Holland. Influenced by Hardcore Punk & Heavy Rock ‘n Roll. Fast, wild and powerfull shows. Fast, wild and powerfull songs. Do I need to say more.
Noctophyle has played over 100 shows in venues like The Melkweg (Amsterdam, NL), Kastanie 85 (Berlin, DE) and Rockers (Glasgow, SC), but also many squads, pubs and other venues in Holland, Germany and the UK. They played the Wasted Amsterdam Festival, the Wall of Death Fest in sheffield, many punkfestivals and loads of other shows and festivals. Noctophyle shared the stage with bands like The Blacklist (AUS), Makiladoras (NL), UK subs (UK), Disturbance (NL), the Unseen (USA), Argy Bargy (UK) and many, many more.

Historical Overview:

Noctophyle is born. Big plans but nothing more. 2004
First demo released - Yank the Trigger (4 songs)
10 gigs played, mostly in their hometown area.
Two NOC tracks appeared on ”Never Surrender, Never Give in Vol. V” (Punkrock compilation)

Second demo released during spring - Sledge Hammered (4 songs)
Third demo released during winter - self titled promo (4 songs)
34 gigs played, all over Holland.
UK tour (11-8-2005 till 20-8-2005 / 6 gigs)
One NOC track appeared on ”The harder, the better Vol. XI” (Loud music compilation)
One NOC track appeared on ”Pleurop plaat Vol. III” (Punkrock compilation, www.punx.nl)

28 gigs played all over Holland and Germany.
UK mini-tour (19-1-2006 till 21-1-2006 / 4 gigs)
UK Summer tour (26-7-2006 till 6-8-2006 / 8 gigs)
Official release of NOC – Uk Death Charge Split CD “On the Streets” by Spitting Teeth Records (1000 copies)
Two NOC tracks appeared on ”Count to III than run Vol. I” (Punkrock compilation)
1st price in local band contest 'Grote Prijs van de Bollenstreek"


European mini-tour (04-01-2007 till 08-01-2007 / 4 gigs)
Belgium mini-tour (09-02-2007 till 11-02-2007 / 3 gigs)
7" Split release with Left in the Middle planned for March/April
One NOC track appears on Count to III than run Vol. II (Punkrock compilation)
One NOC track appears on Angry Scenes Records Compilation II (Punkrock compilation)
NOC played all the dutch supportslots for the Real McKenzie's springtour 2007

Release of our full length cd ‘Black Trip’.
Promotion tour in France, Belgium, Ireland, England, Scotland and Germany.