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URL: myspace.com/newagepeasants
EMAIL: napeasants@gmail.com


47. The New Age Peasants
We do not use playback and will never feature in a L'Oreal commercial with Beyonce. We speak for the people, against the people, mocking the peasants of this age, while taking form as the peasants themselves. The New Age Peasants shall tickle your adrenal glands. Forget the word "sir", forget the word "pardon". Be ye of peasantry? Do people judge you for escaping? Do people get on your case for not caring about stuff that has no importance? Then become a peasant. Do not let yourself be the gears and fuel for a machine that shits out the fumes of your own depression. The world is telling you to eat your way through that big pile of bullshit in the middle of the road. Turn off your antennas, drift away from the busy ants, and simply walk around the pile of excrement. Hire us as your professional cynics and we will certainly be able to make any bad situation; seem worse. Make our lives worth the effort.

The New Age Peasants came together 2005 but frequently jammed within the circle of friends and bands such as: THE LAZY DOGS: Isaac Tabor, Valentijn de Leeuw,Thomas Perryman, Bastiaan Tigler (2002) THE TRIP: Thomas Perryman, Isaac Tabor, Jan de Hoog (2002) THE MERLINS: Ben Rider, Valentijn de Leeuw, Philip Lewis (2003) THE MOOCHERS, A-MEN, RUST,too many names: Jan de Hoog, Isaac Tabor, Valentijn de Leeuw, Bastiaan Tigler. (2003) THE REMOTES: Thomas Perryman, Valentijn de Leeuw (2004